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Frequently Asked Questions:

Basic Trouble Shooting:

This document provides basic instructions for trouble shooting.

If your IP Phone does not perform as expected, the following tips may help. I

1. Verify that the plug to your IP Phone AC adapter is properly inserted into an electrical outlet and to tIP Phone.

2. Verify that the network cables are properly connected, and that you are using the correct cables.

3. Verify that the Power and Link indicators on your IP Phone are illuminated, and the Link indicator is blinking.

4. Verify that yourIP Phone service is active.

If LCD Displays the following message, please follow the instruction to resolve the problem.

DHCP Failed:
Check your DHCP server and/or IP router settings.

Not Ready:
Verify that the "Server IP" address is correct as provided by the service provider.
Please refer to IP Phonel user manual on how to check "Server IP".

PPPoE Error!
Verify Account name and Password is correct.
Please refer to user manual "Set Network" for details.

Cannot access PPPoE server, contact your broadband service provider.

PPPoE Reject:
Internet connection request was rejected by the PPPoE server. Please verify Account name and Password, if no error, contact your broadband service provider.

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