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180/360 degree software enable PTZ security system:


Provide 180/360 degree view of scene without any blind spot

180 Degree View:


360Degree View:


Function Panel:


Key Benefits: Key Features:  Application Area:  Concept Overview: 

Key Benefits:

  • Save total cost by reducing number of camera, installation, cabling, and maintenance needed.
  • Provide 360 degree view of scene without any blind spot.
  • Minimize time and effort to change viewing area or settings. No need to go to camera site.
  • Real-time tracking of suspected event by point and click. No mechanical delay.
  • Increase camera and monitoring areas per monitor station. Lift limitation of browser monitoring.
  • Great flexibility to configure each viewer window separately
  • Provide great advantage for surveillance solution design.
  • Preserve more information of the scene when event occurred
  • Reduce network traffic loading 2-3 times. Back

Key Features: 

  • Concurrently support 4 panoramic cameras with 16 monitor windows.
  • 180/360 degree entire scene from one camera, digital PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) function, no mechanical PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) motor needed.
  • Each viewer window controlled independently.
  • Point and click to change viewing area and zoom size instantly.
  • Select cameras and video servers on the fly.
  • Remote monitoring based on TCP/IP.
  • Unlimited cameras access in LAN/WAN/Internet.
  • High-Speed optimized de-warp engine embedded.
  • Support multiple panoramic imaging methods.
  • High image quality by optimized post-processing.
  • DVR (Digital Video Recorder) module included.
  • Support Remote storage for DVR recording. Back

Application Area: 

  • Public Places – Building entrance, street, school, government building, Airport, stadium, concert
  • Personal - home security, property, farm
  • Event Places – sport event, car racing, celebrations
  • High Security – Safe room, IDC, Warehouse
  • Customer Area – Mall, store, hotel, theme park
  • Working Places – Factory, call center, construction site
  • Tourist – Scenic point, hotel rooms
  • Defense – coastal guard, security zone, border control Back

Concept Overview: 



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