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Call between Hipb-Call members in any different country is free of charge
Call from IP Phone with Hipb-Call no. to any other PSTN land phone or mobile phone, there is a discount rate.


 Phone Rate by Point/Min Referebce rate in US$/Min( 1:30.5)
USABCanadaBUKBFranceBGermanyBItalyBAustraliaBNew ZealandBNetherlandsBBelgiumBSpainBPortugalBIrelandBAustriaBSwedenBNorwayBDenmarkBChileBRussia(MoscowBSt Petersburg)           0.7 0.023
JapanBHong KongBSwitzerland           0.8 0.026
ChinaBTaiwanBMalaysia           0.9 0.030
South KoreaBLuxembourgBCzech RepublicBEstoniaBPeru(Lima)           1.0 0.033
SingaporeBArgentinaBGreeceBPolandBIsrael           1.1 0.036
South Africa           3.0 0.098
Taiwan-Mobile           3.2 0.105
Indonesia           3.9 0.128
Thailand           3.9 0.128
Philippines           6.8 0.223




1. The above rate is updated on 2004/12/1 and is subject to change without notice in advance. Rate in US$ will be updated according to US$ exchange rate.

2. Rates increment: by minute

3. Rates remarked "PSTN": Rates to call normal land phone.

    Rates remarked "mobil": Rates to call mobile phone.

    Rates without remark: Rates to call both normal and mobile phone.

4. Hipb-Call no. has to be preset by Hilife Tech. Corp. in the Archifone to

    enable the function of calling  to PSTN normal and mobile phone.   

How to place a Hipb Call

All the Hilife IP Phone or Gateway are default configured under the same Hipb Service Network, the call from IP Phone to PSTN or Mobile Phone is at very low cost rate. Moreover, the call between IP Phone to another same series of IP Phone is 100% free of charge. To enjoy the call, please refer to below instruction: 

1. Calling to PSTN or Mobile Phone: dial > 002-Coutry Code - Area Code V Telephone no. #

2. Calling to another same series IP Phone: dial > IP phone no. #

For Gateway 100, to dial out from PSTN life line by using FXS port, the default Hipb Call set is 1 or 2, the dialing approach is:

1. Calling To PSTN or Mobile Phone from FXS port by using life line: dial 1 or 2 to get the standard PSTN line, then dial in the standard way you dial in your country. (The standard dialing approach may be different in every country)

2. Calling To PSTN or Mobile Phone from FXS IP Phone: dial > 002-Coutry Code - Area Code V Telephone no. #

3. Calling to another same series IP Phone from FXS IP Phone: dial > IP phone no. # 

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