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World's first 5 Mega Pixel Eyepiece Touch LCD Camera
 5MB pixel eyepiece Touch panel  camera used for Microscope with measuring s/w




 5MB pixel eyepiece Touch panel  camera used stand alone

for measuring object or viewing document


                Maximum distance                       Minimum distance


Stand alone Touch panel  camera photo




Eyepiece Touch Panel Camera is the world's lightest and most compact, high-performance digital touch panel camera in its class.

It uses not only the compressed video format, SP (Simple Profile), but can also adopt ASP (Advanced Simple Profile)    for high-definition video experience. Using the optional 1GB SD card, users can record more than 1hours of high-quality video.   

It is a High-Resolution Digital Camera with tough panel for mounting on a traditional Microscope. The Digital Biology Microscope Camera can be used not only in the precision machinery industry, electronics industry, but also in various universities, colleges as well as all levels of elementary and middle schools, for scientific curriculum application. Just by touching the screen, the user could control the software easily.



1. 3.5” high-resolution LCD touch panel

2. 500Mp Resolution (still frame), JEPG

3 30fps/ sec (GIF: 320X240), 10 fps/ sec (VGA: 640X480), ASF

4. Objective Lens: 4X 10X 40X (can be expanded.)

5. X-Y-axis shifter. For objective table.

6. With a focal length of micro-adjustment device, focus * accurately and clearly.

7. 110V/30W Halogen Bulb, adjustable brightness.

8. Support Windows SP2Vista system.

9. Support SD card (standard 1GB).


11. AC100240V to DC5V power supply.

12.Accessories: AC/DC adapter SD Card USB Cable(1.2M) AV Cable (3M)




       Calculate out object’s length, width, height, angle and slope automatically, through built- in software M-BOX.                                                                                    

       Directory Management, File Management Function 

       Export to Word or Excel Format.  

       Snapshot Function    

       Measuring information window in software                                                         

       Calculate out the radius, diameter and area of figures automatically.                                   

       Ruler unit: cm, mm, pixel.  





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