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Photosimile 5000

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  Create Your Own 360 Degree and Spherical Product Animations  



Mechanized Camera Control



  Uniform and consistent lighting   

9 patents granted covering
over 130 claims worldwide

Photosimile 100

17 x 17 x 20 PC-controlled Digital Photography Studio

Photosimile 200


24 x 24 x 28 PC-controlled Digital Photography Studio

Photo Bench 260

(The World's First 3D Pure White  Background Photography System)

39.4 x 39.4 x 37.8 PC-controlled Digital Photography Studio

(Fully save your time for cutting background )

  Light Box    




24 x 24 x 28 Mobile Digital Photography Studio

             3D Turntable 



PC-controlled Accessory for Creating Animated Images


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3D Flash image from P5000

(Tutn it with mouse to view 3D)

360 Degree Flash image from Turnable P360L

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3D Flash image from P5000

(Tutn it with mouse to view 3D)


The right light time after time...
Photosimile, a PC-Controlled Photography Studio, is like having a professional photographer on staff and is an innovative product invented by Ortery, which owns 9 different worldwide registered patents covering more than 133 claims. Photosimile is now used by world class companies including Intel, Motorola, Timex and many e-Bay power sellers to produce professional pictures. 

Photosimile for enhanced business communication...
Photosimile offers large advantages to companies that need to take pictures for websites, online auctions and product catalogs, its also the next generation in digital imaging for the general office space. First, there was the copier and facsimile, then the scanner - now the Photosimile allows office employees the ability to create images for enhanced business communication. 


A Photosimile controlled lighting environment is the perfect companion for any digital camera. With Photosimile, anyone can create professional, color accurate and shadow-free photographs that are perfect for websites, product catalogs, online auctions and more.

Photosimile represents the next generation of digital imaging technology for the office space. First, there was the copier and facsimile, then the scanner - now with Photosimile, office employees can have a point-and-shoot solution for creating 3D color images for enhanced business communication. It’s extremely convenient and easy to use.

Any digital camera can be used with Photosimile to create professional images, however with a compatible camera the Photosimile software can be utilized to simplify and automate the image capture, editing and saving processes.


Create Product Shots for Websites, Product Catalogs, Publications, Reports, Presentations, Archival and More...
Photosimile is ideal for eBay® PowerSellers

Effective Business Communication
Sales, marketing, engineering, quality control, manufacturing, art design and procurement are just some of the departments that can benefit from this solution

Medical, Research and Evidence Photography
Creates detailed and professional images for the analysis of scientific, medical or forensic research

Quality Control
Controlled lighting generates consistent results time after time

Image Database Creation
Photosimile is ideal for quickly capturing and storing hundreds of images per day

Quick eMail and Application Link
Images taken with Photosimile software and a compatible camera can be quickly shared with others via email, dropped into any other image editing application or saved to a designated folder   

Remote Proofing
Images taken with Photosimile software and a compatible camera can be sent via email to others and the recipients can view them in accurate color

Photosimile Components

  • 17.7" x 17.7" x 20" Light Box Utilizes symmetrical daylight lamps and special diffusion plates to produce a uniform lighting environment
  • Photosimile Image Creation Software When Photosimile is used with a compatible camera; this software manages digital camera settings, controls front and rear lamp status and provides color management, file management and image editing. Also includes: batch saving, image annotation and batch or individual image resizing features.
  • Photosimile Image Viewing Software Free downloads of this software give image recipients the ability to calibrate their monitor and view images taken with Photosimile (when used with a compatible camera) in accurate color.
  • Accessories: Six cool daylight 6500K fluorescent bulbs (2 spares), tripod, power cable, USB cable, acrylic product stand, side shot background, sponge camera holders for adapting to different camera sizes and lens combinations.

Compatible Camera Models:

Any digital camera can be used with Photosimile and PhtoCapture 360 products, however for a fully automated solution, a compatible camera is necessay and recommended. 

Ricoh Digital Cameras

Caplio Series: GX200 with Ortery Firmware
Specifically designed to be compatible with Photosimile and PhotoCapture 360 products, this value-added camera must be purchased through Hilife Technologies 


PowerShot Series:
A70,A75, A80, A85, A95, A510, A520, A620 and A640. 

G2*, G3, G5, G6, G7 and G9. 

S1 IS, S2 IS, S3 IS, S5 IS, S60, S70 and S80

SX100 IS & Pro1

EOS Series:
D-Series* - 5D, 5D Mark II**, 20D, 20Da, 30D, 40D, 50D, 1D Mark II, 1D Mark II N,1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark II, 1Ds Mark III,

Rebel Series* V Rebel XT/350D/Kiss, Rebel XTi/400D/Kiss X, Rebel XSi/450D**, Rebel XS/1000D**


* Zooming with all SLR cameras is a manual function and cannot be controlled via software
** Please note that only the 5D Mark II, Digital Rebel XSi and XS support the real-time preview function


C-740, C-750, C-770, C-5050, C-5060, C-8080, C-765, C-70, C-7000, C-7070
Olympus cameras are not compatible with the PhotoCapture 360 Series
More Cameras…
The compatibility list is always growing. Check www.hilifetech.com for a full list of compatible digital cameras.


System Requirements

  • OS: Windows® ME / 2000 / XP - SP1or above (Administrator Account for 2000 and XP)
  • CPU: Pentium® or equiv. (1G or higher preferred)
  • RAM: Min. 128 MB
  • VGA: Min. 800x600, True color
  • Monitor Type: CRT or LCD monitor
  • Internet connection with active email account
  • Min. 2 USB Ports, CD ROM


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