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A Coloreal turnkey photography studio is the ideal photography environment
for almost anything that fits inside the light box

Clothing and Accessories

jafra_cosmetics.jpg (46863 個位元組) ShirtWLogo.jpg (134553 個位元組)            
shoe.jpg (46555 個位元組) brownsandal3a.jpg (52732 個位元組) sandal2a.jpg (55209 個位元組) blackshoe.jpg (54025 個位元組)      

Consumer Electronics
JumpDrive.jpg (43520 個位元組) walkietalkie.jpg (42535 個位元組) cellPhone2.jpg (19861 個位元組) CellPhone1.jpg (44737 個位元組) camera.jpg (14695 個位元組) BWipodBattery.jpg (62017 個位元組) USBcord.jpg (47442 個位元組)  

Glass and Crystal

Promotional Items

Colored Backgrounds

Books, CD's and DVD's, Text and Documents

Packaged Items

Coins, Stamps and Collectibles

Annotated Items

Metallic Items


Miscellaneous Items
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